• Get the Peace of Mind service done if you haven’t had an oil change and inspection done in 3
    months or more! Again, the inspection we perform in this package will give you an idea of where
    your vehicle stands before it leaves you stranded.

  • Freezing levels can cause drain on your charging system. Have your battery checked and be aware
    of how your vehicle starts up and shuts off.

  • Antifreeze should be tested and windshield washer fluid should be topped up with de-icing solution if
    possible. Good wiper blades are just as important in keeping your field of vision clear for you.

  • Winter brings shorter days and longer periods of darkness. Make sure all your lights are in working
    order. You can get ticketed for burnt out headlights or brake lights as a safety concern to other
    drivers who might not see your vehicle in the dark.

  • Winter tires should be the same size and type on all four wheels to ensure the best traction and
    braking in snow or icy conditions. Understandably, tires can be expensive to purchase. Keep an eye
    out for good deals before the winter season begins or consider used tires from a reputable tire shop.
Seasonal Vehicle Care - Recommendations and Tips
Warm Weather Care
When we finally get our warmer BC weather, it usually means road trips
or family outings. Your vehicle should be prepared for these moments
so your plans are not ruined at the last minute. We recommend the
following items should be considered before hitting the road.
  • Get an oil change if it is due or even just coming up soon. Ask for the Peace of Mind Inspection so
    you are made aware of any potential problems with your brakes, belts, hoses, and other items rather
    than having a break down on your trip.  

  • If a tune up is needed, get one! It will save gas and excessive stress on your engine during long

  • Make sure you have your summer or all season tires on and not your winter tires. Your spare tire
    should also be ready just in case you need it.

  • Most people forget about their air conditioning until they need it!  

  • Have your engine coolant pressure tested. It is usually part of an inspection package.  
Cold Weather Care
Your vehicle’s performance is best tested in the winter as driving
conditions and colder temperatures truly test how well you have
maintained it.  And no one likes breaking down on a cold frosty day, no
matter where you live!  
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